Bendrigg – a fantastic opportunity for work experience placements

We usually ask that volunteers/students sign up to work alongside a group for their full course just for consistency. This could be anything from 2,3, 5 or 7 night courses either during the week or at a weekend. Some volunteers do a combination depending on what they want to get out of their volunteering experience.

Volunteers are provided with food and accommodation throughout their stay.

When people volunteer with residential groups we request they assist our tutorial team with things like, chatting to the group and helping to connect participants with one another, helping to serve food at meal times, working alongside the group to tidy up after meal times and other similar tasks. It’s a long day so plenty of energy and enthusiasm is needed. The volunteers will also go along with the group on their activities so they may be required to help with simple tasks like blaying during climbing but there will never be any full responsibility put on their shoulders in terms of providing activities. The main aim is just to be a helping hand and our tutorial teams may direct them to support them in various ways before, during and after activities.

To get a feel for what we offer and our groups we have several videos on Youtube:

Wilson Stuart School group (physical disabilities)

Jollydays Adult group (learning disabilities)

Scottish Burned Childrens Club (mental health focus)

There is also lots of information on the following pages:

The Bendrigg Virtual Taster is a great way to learn more about out amazing facilities and what to expect from the Bendrigg course:

Volunteer page on our website :

Volunteer FAQ’s :

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