This database was introduced by Mainframe in July 2011 as a simpler and more cost effective way for schools to choose placements for work experience.

Until now, schools have been required to compile a list of employers they intend to use and send it to Mainframe for checking, to ensure they were suitable for Work Experience students.

With the new database-led system, all the companies checked and approved by Mainframe can be available to schools to choose their placements.  The database lists thousands of employers. Searches can be made by Post Code (to find an employer in a particular area), by type of employer (e.g. Retail, Hairdresser etc) or by Name of company. Pupils will contact the companies in the normal way to apply for a placement.

Access to the database is via a password provided by Mainframe after an initial payment from the school and will last until Work Experience has been completed when the final payment is due.

Please login below with your Username and Password to access the database:

Mainframe will continue to check on companies to keep the database up to date.  It makes sense for us to spread the visits evenly throughout the year, instead of being inundated with visits at times when a majority of schools are going out for Work Experience.